FD&C ORANGE Aluminum Lake

Size: 50g
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Country of Origin: France

FD&C ORANGE Aluminum Lake

Certified by the FDA


Color Certifications:
FD&C = certifiable colors that are for use in food, drug & cosmetics
D&C = certifiable colors that are for use in drug & cosmetics including those in contact with mucous membranes
External D&C = certifiable colors that are for use in drugs & cosmetics that do not come in contact with mucous membranes.


Organic colors (lakes and dyes) are synthetic, chemically very complex molecules and are divided into various groups including indigoids, xanthenes, azos, nitros and others. As compared to inorganic colors, organic colors are available in a larger variety of shades. Since most organic pigments are soluble (either water or oil soluble), they can be utilized not only in solid makeup products (e.g. lipsticks), but also in aqueous products (e.g. nail lacquer, liquid makeups). Since certain organic pigments can be irritant to mucous membranes, all organic pigments must be approved and certified by the FDA.


FDA performs regulatory review for color additives used in foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices. FD&C ORANGE Aluminum Lake is a FDA-approved color commonly used to dye dosage forms such as tablets and capsules. FD&C ORANGE Aluminum Lake is approved for use in foods, drugs and cosmetics.

FD&C colors are the colors certified by the FDA for safe use according to specifications. The FD&C notation specifies the color is approved for use in foods, drugs and cosmetics.

Lakes are formed by reacting straight colors (such as FD&C ORANGE Aluminum Lake) with precipitants and salts. Lakes may be used as color additives for tablet coatings due to their stability

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