20mm & 13mm Flip-Off Hand Crimper

Cap size: 20mm Flip-Off Hand Crimper
$148.95 CAD


20mm Flip-Off Hand Crimper and 13mm Flip-Off Hand Crimper By CanadianMedHealthSupplies is the last Flip off Crimper you will ever need to buy. This Strong and durable Hand Crimper can seal all thickness flip off seals with its adjustable Crimper head. No more loose seals with flip off caps popping off the top of your vial, this Crimper has one of the strongest Crimping abilities in the industry. We have put this Crimper to the test on all our flip off seals and it has passed better than the leading Crimpers on the market that are twice the cost.


Material: Stainless steel
Color: black
Production capacity: 1500-2000pcs/hour
Used for crimping 20mm flip off caps and 13mm flip off caps (for all aluminium flip-off caps)

Applications: Pharmaceutical, Food, Packaging, Chemical industry, Schools, Laboratories, etc.

How to use :
Step1: Put Stopper onto vial.
Step2: Put flip off cap onto vial
Step3: Take the crimper in your hand
Step4: Put Crimper onto flip off cap
Step5: Press the handle
Step6: Check the effect, if the cap can slip, then check step 7.
Step7: If the cap is loose, just adjust the claw, then crimp the cap again.
(Adjust the claw from clockwise direction to loosen, and from counter clockwise direction to tighten)

Package includeds :
1 x Crimper Hand Sealing Machine

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