About us:

              CanadianMedHealthSupplies is a retail and distribution company selling medical, laboratory and research supplies domestically to Canada. CMHS specializes in 10mL clear and amber serum vials of many different sizes, 20mm and 13mm Butyl Rubber Stoppers, many different kinds of Flip Off seals, Excipients, Bottles and Solvents. Located in the west coast of Canada CMHS specializes in affordable products with exceptional quality and outstanding customer service.



              To be Canada’s most trusted choice in purchasing affordable high quality medical, laboratory and research supplies.



               CanadianMedHealthSupplies knows the needs of our customers and we take great pride in fulfilling these needs. Our main focus is quality, efficiency and trust. Our customers need to have a product that not only looks amazing but surpasses the industry standard in safety and quality; safety for our customers’ product’s and their patients. Trust from our customers is our reward, trust in knowing we will deliver a quality product in the fastest possible time.