18DIN neck, 1oz (30mL) Ombre Red Glass Dropper Bottle

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18DIN neck, 1oz (30mL) Ombre Red Glass Dropper Bottle, does not include top by CanadianMedHealthSupplies 

18DIN neck, 1oz (30mL) Ombre Red glass boston round euro dropper bottle with 18-DIN neck finish. The euro dropper bottle is a type of boston round bottle. Like the boston round, it has rounded shoulders and a rounded base, but it is specifically designed to also be be fitted with tamper-evident, child-resistant droppers and caps with inverted dropper tips that the regular 20mm boston round dropper bottles do not support. This Ombre Red glass dropper bottle is a clear glass dropper bottle with a faded painted Red at the bottom. The colour does not scratch off or bleed on these Ombre bottles. UV protection is limited in the Ombre colours. Glass makes a great choice for packaging due to its high clarity, it can be colored, has high chemical-resistance levels, and has an extremely high resistance to heat and cold.

This item has an 18-DIN neck finish. This container can be paired with a closure with this matching finish 18DIN and both 18-400 and 18-410. These glass dropper bottles are Ideal for tinctures, essential oils, pharmaceutical applications, perfumes, aromatherapy, botanical extracts, flavor extracts, liquid and much more.

*** These dropper bottles are Class A glass and Lead Free. When purchasing dropper bottles to hold your oral consumption product you need to have Lead Free Glass. Many other cheap products on the market are not Lead Free. Please be cautious when purchasing glass products that are used in oral consumption.

  • Durable essential oil (European) Shape
  • New slim design allows for easy carry
  • Lead Free
  • 18DIN neck finish

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