2000mL Glass Beaker

Quantity: Case of 2
$36.95 CAD


CanadianMedHealthSupplies Low Form Griffin Glass Beakers are made from the latest tubular glass form design methods. All beakers are manufactured with uniform wall thickness, extra thickness is built into the beaded rim, for an optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength.  Spout is designed for optimum performance. Heavy construction is intended to prolong life expectancy for more aggressive usage. Using borosilicate 3.3 grade techniques, allows our beakers to be lighter than older form factor glassware, while still being as robust & tough, shatter resistant, heat resistant, and chemical resistant as older heavier grade science glassware models. 

Our beakers feature white, permanent, & easy to read graduated measurements, easy to pour spouts and large marking squares. Beakers meet or exceed the specifications of all major brands of science glassware media on the market.

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