Automatic Tablet Counter.

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Automatic Table Top Tablet Counter.

Our Automatic Tablet Counter will cut your counting and bottling time well over half. Please see the video to see our counter in action and how it can help your business get more product to the market. the automatic tablet counter comes with the two trays and the bottle attachment for fast counting and filling directly into your pill bottles.

There are three working modles

Single Mode (SGL) single dose mode
Simply enter the required number of tablets or capsules will automatically fall to the upper point of good kit device. When the cartridge is removed, the remaining agents to automatically fall into the lower kits to re-bottling storage.
Multiple Mode (Multi) Multi-dose mode
The need to set the amount of the drug division multiple box or multiple bottles, this approach is very efficient. Simply enter the number you want to count, medicines will automatically start points. After reaching the set amount, the device will automatically stop, wait for the next inventory.
Inventory Mode (INV) Inventory Model
It can help you to effectively conduct an inventory of the stock of drugs.

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