GL45 Vacuum Filtration Adapter

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GL45 Screw Cap with 316 stainless steel filtration adapter for our glass media bottles.

These universal GL45 caps are perfect for vacuum filtration. Just screw on this cap to your media bottle, attached the vacuum line to one nipple and attached the sterile capsule filter to the other nipple and filter your product. Once finished, take the cap off and put the original blue GL45 sealing cap on the media bottle and its ready for storage till time of use.

Material: PET and 316 stainless steel.

Features: Good Seal with double-sided welding for no air leaks. Chemically stable and corrosion resistant. This product universally matches with any standard GL45 screw cap, so these will match our 1L and 2L glass media bottles. These Caps are autoclave safe and can withstand temperatures up to the standard rated 180c for an autoclave.

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