Pharmaceutical Pill Bottle 40CC with Screw Cap

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40cc HDPE Plastic Packer Bottles

Packer bottles, also known as pill bottles, vitamin bottles, or prescription bottles — are popular items seen on retail shelves everywhere. These pill bottles are designed to make filling or dispensing easy for nearly any application.

Regular Screw are included in the purchase of these Packer Pill Bottles. Inside these regular screw caps is a secondary layer of protection called a pressure sensitive seal that says "sealed for your protection". This is a great option to have because when you twist the cap onto the bottles the pressure sensitive seal automatically seals onto the bottle. To dispense the contents of your bottle you will need to break this seal. A seal that is not broken will show your customers and give them peace of mind that the contents of the bottle have not been tampered with.

CanadianMedHealthSupplies stocks a wide selection of pharmaceutical plastic bottles and medicinal bottles to package anything from supplements to personal care products. 

The Right Plastic Bottles for the Right Product

HDPE plastic bottles are great for products that need a higher degree of protection against damage. HDPE Plastic bottles are great for packaging pills, syrup, shampoo, conditioner, and roll-on items.

Other Packer bottle sizes available with regular screw caps are:

30cc pharmaceutical pill bottle

40cc pharmaceutical pill bottle

50cc pharmaceutical pill bottle

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