18DIN neck, 1oz (30mL) Super Tamper & Child Proof Dropper Caps with Dose Measuring Pipette

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18DIN neck, 1oz (30mL) Tamper & Child Proof Dropper Caps with Dose Measuring Pipette by CanadianMedHealthSupplies 

This top is an all in one combination top that has the tamper proof feature and the child proof feature built into one cap. The difference between this tamper/child and the other is that this one is built for frosted and painted dropper bottles. These super tops are much easier to screw and seal onto the bottle and much easier to break the seal when opening the bottle and using for the first time. Please take a look at the pictures and see what cap fits your taste and preference. However, if you're ordering frosted bottles then this is the only tamper/child combo dropper top made for frosted and painted bottles.

Tamper Proof dropper caps give the customer the knowledge that the product has not been opened or tampered with. The Tamper Proof seal is a seal that is broken when the cap is removed or opened for the first time. This shows the customer that the product has not been opened or used before. This cap also eliminates the use of a plastic shrink band seal over the cap, since a shrink band is a seal that needs to be removed to use the product, it is no longer needed because the tamper proof cap has the break away (tamper proof) seal built into the cap.

Child Proof dropper caps give the customer the safety feature and peace of mind that the contents the bottle will not be accessed or accidentally ingested by a child. Also, our child proof dropper caps are health Canada compliant. If you want to keep the contents of your dropper bottle safe from children then a child proof cap is a great option.

This 18DIN neck, 1oz (30mL) Tamper & Child Proof Dropper Cap is a Black or White Polypropylene (PP) plastic "18DIN" neck ribbed skirt Tamper/child-resistant dropper assembly with silicone bulb and 77mm bulb tip glass pipette to fit 1oz (30mL) bottles. This dropper is designed with an 18-DIN lid size to be paired with glass euro-style bottles for the tamper-evident ring to work properly. Tamper/Child Proof Dropper Caps with Dose Measuring Pipette are a great way to extract and dispense a wide range of personal care products where controlled dispensing is required. Polypropylene (PP) is less flexible than LDPE, somewhat stiffer than other plastics, reasonably economical, and can be translucent, opaque, or of any color. PP has very good resistance to fatigue, and has an extremely high melting point (320 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius). 

These glass dropper tops are Ideal for tinctures, essential oils, pharmaceutical applications, perfumes, aromatherapy, botanical extracts, flavor extracts, liquid and much more.

*** These dropper tops are Lead Free. When purchasing dropper tops to extract and dispense your oral consumption product you need to have Lead Free Glass. Many other cheap products on the market are not Lead Free. Please be cautious when purchasing glass products that are use in oral consumption.

TOPS: We have Dropper Bottle Caps and Pipettes with:

  • Regular None Dose Measuring
  • Regular with Dose Measuring
  • Tamper Proof with Dose Measuring
  • Child Proof with Dose Measuring
  • Tamper Proof and Child Proof with Dose Measuring
  • Gold Dropper Top
  • Rose Gold Dropper Top
  • Silver Dropper Top
  • Gold Stripe Dropper Top
  • Silver Stripe Dropper Top

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