18DIN neck, Tamper Proof Caps with Orifice Reducer (drip top)

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Tamper Proof dropper caps give the customer the knowledge that the product has not been opened or tampered with. The Tamper Proof seal is a seal that is broken when the cap is removed or opened for the first time. This shows the customer that the product has not been opened or used before. This cap also eliminates the use of a plastic shrink band seal over the cap, since a shrink band is a seal that needs to be removed to use the product, it is no longer needed because the tamper proof cap has the break away (tamper proof) seal built into the cap.

This 18DIN neck, Tamper Proof Caps with Orifice Reducer (drip top) is a Black or White Polypropylene (PP) plastic "18DIN" neck, ribbed skirt Tamper-resistant assembly with PP 0.9mm Orifice Reducer (drip top). This Ribbed Cap assembly features an HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Tamper Evident Ring to show if the product has been opened or the cap has been removed. This dropper is designed with an 18-DIN lid size to be paired with any size glass euro-style bottles with 18DIN neck for the tamper-evident ring to work properly. The 0.9mm orifice reducer allows for steady dispensing for many types of products such as inks, dyes, essentials oils, and more.

Directions For Use: When you fully screw down the cap, it forces a plastic orifice reducer and inverted drip tip into the opening of the bottle. When you flip the dropper, It allows for steady dispensing a small amount of product. When the cap is unscrewed for the first time, the tamper-evident ring is broken and the orifice reducer insert remains inside the bottle when the cap is removed.

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