Tabletop Vacuum Pump for Sterile Filtration

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Tabletop Vacuum Pump for Sterile Filtration by CanadianMedHealthSupplies

This multi-purpose, high quality compact tabletop vacuum pump makes vacuum filtration a breeze. Great for use in laboratory, classroom or shop use. The pressure gauge allows operation at an optimal vacuum. This pump can run multiple Bottle top vacuum filters at one time. With a handle on the top, a sleek compact design and very light weight, this tabletop vacuum pump is an excellent choice.

If ease of use and time are valuable to you then this tabletop vacuum pump is perfect. 4 suction cups on the bottom of the vacuum pump keep the pump stable during operation so it will never move. When operating, the noise level is very very quiet. The maximum pressure of 0.075 makes this vacuum pump perfect for all whatman bottle top filters and polycaps because the pressure the pump operates at is in the high end of the filter pressure specifications, which means that this pump will never blow your filters! 

This vacuum pump is rated for filtering 10L per min. However, under ideal situations, carrier oil and .22um filtration, this pump will filter 2L per min. If you want to cut your filtering time in half or more then I suggest this tabletop vacuum pump.

This vacuum pump does not use or require oil. This is a maintenance free vacuum pump!

Product included: 1 x Tabletop vacuum pump, 1 x power cord, 1 x vacuum hose, 1 x instruction manual.

Directions: Take the vacuum pump out of the secure box and place on counter. Plug the power cord into the back of the vacuum pump and into the wall outlet (power source), connect the vacuum hose to the nipple on the back of the vacuum pump, connect the other end of the hose to the nipple on the filtration apparatus or your specific filtration product. Turn blue power switch "ON". Wait till finished filtering then turn power "OFF". Its that simple. Not complicated and will not blow your filters.


Vacuum Pump Technical Data


VP - 10L



Negative pressure

Pumping speed:(L/min)


 Ultimate Pressure(Mpa)


 Noise Level(DB)

<40 Very Quiet

 Motor Power(W)




 Overload protection 


 Over temperature protection


 Short circuit protection


 Dimensions (mm)


 Products weight (kgs)


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